When I am depleted of energy, hope, and peace, I know there is always one place I can go to drink from a well of love, peace, kindness, and renewal.   Pauline has a gift that pours from her heart of loving and energizing all those who come to her.  She is always reaching out to better herself by updating her knowledge in special courses.  While courses and knowledge are needed it would all be in vain without her loving heart, her healing touch, and her passion to make life a little easier and bearable for those who come to her.  She is one in a million and someone that everyone that can should experience.

Carolyn Murphy

 Following a family bereavement I found it very hard to cope with my loss. I booked energy treatment sessions with Pauline; I was amazed the calming affect it had on me. I felt like a weight was lifted from me. I attended three treatments by then I felt really marvellous. I still have my sad moments every now and then, but I can handle and cope with them in a positive way.

A. Hickey

 I went for one treatment of Energy therapy with Pauline, it was calm, comfortable and relaxing. I felt much empowered, energetic, positive and a real sense of well being.  Pauline was aware of what needed to be healed in my energy field to allow me to achieve all the things I want to do at this stage of my life. I have this wonderful feeling of being whole again.

Pam Tan