Meditation connects us with our own inner powers of vitality, clarity, and love.

Another great passion of mine is meditation. Creating a daily practice brings such wonderful awareness of mindfulness, serenity and ease. People are drawn to meditation for many different reasons ie. recommended by doctor, seeking the health benefits of lowered blood pressure, stress reduction and restful sleep.

Learning meditation is learning how to relax. The more people practised relaxation methods such as meditation or deep breathing, the greater their chances of remaining free of arthritis and joint pain with stronger immunity, healthier hormone levels and also can improve communication in relationships.

Others come seeking relief from fearful angry or painful thoughts that constantly flood their minds. Meditation helps other people to find greater self-understanding, to increase their intuitive powers or improve their ability to concentrate.

Practiced regularly, meditation produces astonishing results on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being.


Reduces Stress

Promote Emotional Health

Enhances Self-Awareness

Lengthens Attention Span

Less Anxiety

May Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss

Can Generate Kindness

May Help Fight Addictions


Every Thursday evening 8pm-9pm is €15.00. Every Tuesday evening 8pm-9pm (FULL).