Hypnotherapy with Healing works directly and deeply at the source of the problem- in the subconscious mind and the body.

You may be feeling stuck in a rut, dealing with overwhelming emotions or feeling like your issues are getting the better of you.

In a session, release the blocks, beliefs and behaviours holding you back so you feel greater peace, joy and vitality.

Combining hypnotherapy and healing allows the body and mind to relax to integrate the new subconscious direction, deeper and faster.

A private session is €75 – in person in Bantry or online via whatsapp.

After a session, expect to feel a lightness, peace in your mind and new excitement of life.


Release fears and negative thoughts

Open up heart to receive more love

Ease grief after a bereavement or other emotional upheavals

Improve relationships

Increase feelings of peace and harmony

Feel relaxed and improve sleep

Resolve emotional pain and trauma

Balancing of the masculine and feminine energy

Bringing positivity to your thoughts and actions

Please click the audio link below & watch the video at the bottom of the page for short, effective techniques to try today.

Relaxation Meditation


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