A healing session is a safe place for children to express their thoughts and feelings. Supportive emotional healing can facilitate the development of self esteem, coping skills, and understanding.

All new beautiful children born these days are so easily labelled with terms like ADD and ADHD. When really what’s happening to these beautiful souls is that they find it difficult to adjust to the energy of the earth. This earth energy is normal for us, but can be severe for the lightness of their soul.

I have helped to settle these little ones, to integrate with healing and settling their soul into their body, so that mind and body and soul are connected as one.

If you have older children and teenagers who you feel aren’t focused and feel misunderstood, they also can be helped by healing and/or doing a Manifestation reading. This can help to identify or uncover wishes of the child that they might find otherwise challenging to communicate or admit.

A healing session with your child can help enhance their


Understanding the new groups of children born today:


  • Began to incarnate around year 2000 (and some before)
  • One penetrating gaze, unusual coloured eyes
  • Sensitive both mentally and physically
  • Suffer from allergies caused by environmental factors
  • Spontaneous, act without thinking, regardless of consequences
  • They love to climb and have great sense of balance
  • Love music and singing, but hate loud noise
  • Crystal children exude love for their family, pets and friends
  • They can’t bare it if someone they love is in physical or mental distress
  • They are autodidacts – they prefer to teach themselves what they want to learn
  • As they grow older they become helpers, carers, volunteers, leaders and teachers


Star children, also known as indigo children.

  • Started to appear in the 1950s
  • They come to teach the population to lead by example – to fight, push and make radical changes happen
  • Those who have the ability to shine a light on possibilities, injustice and new way of looking at the world
    1. Strong willed and stubborn
    2. Have problems with authority
    3. Intuitive, often psychic
    4. Creative and unafraid to try new things
    5. Lack of patience, often gets frustrated
    6. Need clear boundaries and structure while growing up
    7. Can be insecure


  • Their mission is to heal and rebalance humanity and the planet
  • They are revealers of the truth
  • Rainbow children are seen as “different”
  • They have a higher vibration from the rest of humanity
  • They refuse to be categorised or contained
  • They are “new” souls who never incarnated previously, yet they are almost completely spiritually evolved.
  • These children are ususally offspring of crystals, so they will at least have one partner who gets them
    1. Often appear to be in a world of their own
    2. They are loving and generous
    3 Sweet with a will of steel
    4. Brave and able to withstand hardship
    5. Likely to be telepathic
    6. Large eyes
    7. High energy
    8. Late to start speaking, sometimes 3.4 years old
    9. Don’t care what people think of them


Reduce anger and frustration

Ground soul into body

Uncover wants/desires

Better sleep patterns

Stronger concentration and focus

Happier relationships with parents and friends

Release fears and worries from child