Meet Your Guardian Angel & Archangel Michael

Guided Meditation Series

Create a deep, personal connection with your Guardian Angel and Archangel Michael
so that you can more easily access greater clarity, empowerment and support in your life.

Having trouble relaxing?

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed?

Seeking answers and support for a worry or concern?

Guided meditation can help you to deeply relax into your body so that you can release stress and become present in your body.


Deep relaxation in your body & mind

Peaceful, deep sleep

Sooth tired and stressed emotions

Receive guidance on your life path

Meditation slows down brain wave activity and as a result can have amazing effects on your body and hormones. Making meditation a daily practice can

  • improve your quality of sleep,
  • increase your happiness,
  • bring ease and clarity into thinking and
  • quell the endless mind chatter.

Guided meditation is a profound tool I have been using and teaching for over a decade. Guided imagery has many uses, in this series we use guided imagery to meet and create a deeper connection with your angels so that you for direct access to greater clarity, empowerment and support in your life.

Get the Angel Guided Meditations

When you complete the €11 purchase through paypal, I will email you a password-protected page where you access and download both meditations.