Hypnotherapist & Healer

Release the blocks, beliefs and behaviours holding you back so you can enjoy life with greater peace, joy and vitality.

Rahanni Healing

Any person suffering from mental, emotional pain and trauma can be helped in so many ways with the healing light of Rahanni.

Angel Card Reading

Connect with your guardian angels, spirit guides to get your questions answered. I have been giving readings for over 10 years. I also teach Angel Card Reading classes.

Understanding Children

Children today are more sensitive and their behaviour can be described as ``different`` or ``difficult`` or ``in their own world``. It is possible to connect & communicate with children on their level.

Manifesting Reading

You have a desire you want to bring into your life. Get clarity on how to receive your desire and how to get out of your own way to let spirit come in to guide you.

Meditation Group Class

I offer 3 different group guided meditation classes each week. Benefits include stress reduction, restful sleep, greater confidence, increase intuitive skills & improve concentration.